Starting with WHY…

In November of 2014, I sat in my direct manager’s office at just five weeks pregnant, to break “the news”. I was experiencing fatigue beyond belief. So, I had to tell him that I was pregnant because I started to repeatedly show up late for work.   His response was “…but you’re not married”.  Flabbergasted and unsure of how to respond to him, I said, “Well, that doesn’t change that I’m having a baby. I am telling you because the fatigue is beyond my control and is the reason for recent and repeat tardiness.”  I excused myself, thereafter.

Rewind to just two weeks before that, when I learned of my pregnancy I had three concerns: (1) How will this affect my role as a Senior at a Fortune 500 Automaker, (2) Will my business partner, in my “side job”, think that I can no longer do the business, and (3) How disappointed is my mom going to be?  I was NEVER concerned about my ability or readiness to be a mom, but I was more concerned about how being a mom would affect the progression of my career.

“Being a mother has and will always take precedent over just about everything in my life.”

There is a stigma around the ability to balance motherhood and a career, successfully, and if I were not the super “I can do whatever I put my mind to” type of woman, I could’ve easily been persuaded that I couldn’t do both.

As God would have it, my business partner and mom were amazingly supportive,  but navigating my career proved to be a challenge.  Going through the transition, I didn’t know, that God was directing me and placing me in position, leading me to my current state, as a full-time entrepreneur. I ended up getting fired from that job, when my daughter was seven months old.  Yes, FIRED (I still can’t believe I got fired!)!! I was told that I was being let go because my “side job” was a conflict of interest. Bullsh*t, and that’s all the energy we will that situation.

From that point on, I decided that I would no longer accept job placement because I needed to live, but I’d be very selfish in my pursuit.  I refused to work a role that would require me to spend limitless hours away from my child, and did not afford me the flexibility to separate from work, to “mom” when I needed or wanted to. I would also not feel guilty about separating from an employer because, for whatever reason, my time there was up.

For the last two years, I have done just that; been very selfish in my pursuit of balance. Balancing motherhood, a corporate 9-5, and a side hustle that began to grow really fast during this time span. I decided to take my career into my own hands, and be unwavering with the things I wanted to get from it.

In March 2018, I voluntarily separated from my 9-5, to pursue my partnership full-time.  My partner and I had owned this business for 7 years, and over time and by the grace of God, we were able to separate from our corporate roles. The most dominant factor in leaving, when I did, was the time I’d get back and how much more I’d be able to pour into my daughter.


Wish you were here

Being a mother has and will always take precedent over just about everything in my life. I truly, truly enjoy motherhood.  I find great pleasure in spending time with, nurturing, and being present in my child’s life. As a mother, my focus is on my daughter’s mental and physical health, education, and exposing her to as much as possible.  I’m that mom that will show up with their child, all the time.  Not because I don’t have a sitter, but because I like for her to be with me.

So, WHY is Corporate Momming necessary? Why is it a thing?

I started Corporate Momming to remind women that motherhood is not a deterrent to the pursuit of any given career goal.  Motherhood does not stop you from starting a business, from going back to work, or acting on any aspirations that you have. In fact, I believe that it should be all the stimulation you need. What stops us from achieving those goals, is what we convince ourselves of or what we allow others to convince us of.  Therefore, it is my hope, that with Corporate Momming, I can inspire women to develop “Can Do” attitude, and share stories and resources that inspire action and growth.

I hope you will stick with me on this journey! Feel free to join in on the conversation, below, AND click the “Follow” button to the right to subscribe and follow Corporate Momming!

10 thoughts on “Starting with WHY…

  1. This read has really sat on my heart as it seems aa if I can hear you speak it as Inwas reading it. It actually brought tears to my eyes. For one, because you are my cousin and I know your specific encounters and how you addressed them all, for two, because I can immediately picture your grandmother looking down on you and smiling, because of how amazingly happy she would be for you as a mother. Motherly love was initially shown through her to us…’s embedded in our spirit.
    There are many parents, mama’s, etc. but putting your everything into your life and livelyyfor the betterment of your child(ten) is of another spectrum of the thing we call life.
    I adore you, admire you, and support all of your choices as a Mother.
    Many blessings to you. Parker will be honored when she becomes an adult, to tell and share your/her story.


    1. Robyn, As I sat here and read your story and the many comments, tears is in my eyes!! You are an Awesome woman and mommy, that comes from a line of Great women!! I believe this blog will help me, not just with balancing work and mommy but being reminded that because I’m over 40 and chose to be a mommy, that doesn’t STOP my determination or goals!! Thank you Robyn!!

  2. Reading this spoke to me on so many levels!!! When I had to tell my job I was pregnant, our company was going through a huge reorganization and the first thing my boss said was “oh well who will do the financial structure for HR’s changes?? Can you do that before you go??” I almost walked out then at that moment. When I came back, I snuck to pump breast milk twice a day for 9 months. This type of platform is SO necessary for us women to have. Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing. I look forward to more.

  3. I can relate to this in so many ways! I have had the opportunity to go forward in my medical career, but it was too costly. I couldn’t imagine being away from my family, missing so much of the day-to-day. Although I do not categorize myself as a part of the corporate world, I have come to realize that motherhood has been a motivation to go forward in my pursuits. Here are words from my mother that have encouraged me: “My Father always said that the greatest opportunities came in his life after he got fired from a job.” Thank God for a job firing you so you have more time to build your career! Congratulations on all of your successes!

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