The Beauty of Sacrifice

“Sacrifice is a part of life.  It’s supposed to be.  It’s not something to regret, it’s something to aspire to.”

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In a perfect world, we can get and do everything we want, sans making sacrifices! Unfortunately, the world is far from perfect and if you want to be successful at anything, something will be demanded of you!

My sacrifices alternate based on what’s a priority at the time, and typically it’s something like laundry has to get done on certain days of the week, or I’m sleeping less because I have to get through work.  I check my mail less, or we may have to eat out a night or two because work has to get done.

Sacrifice looks different for everyone.  However, I’d like to discuss overcoming the fear of sacrifice, and how it has changed my life.  I’ve talked about (in every post) how I recently left my corporate 9-5 to become a full-time entrepreneur, and I’d like to rewind to a year before I left.  Subconsciously, I was going to a day job and showing up everyday as if it was something I wanted to do forever.  I knew that I wasn’t interested in climbing the corporate ladder, and I knew for a while that I wanted to pursue J&F Advisors, full-time. However, I was just showing up, not making real plans, and playing it pretty safe.

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Money and security – I was comfortable in my 9-5, and being a single mother, I couldn’t even imagine being in a situation to fetch my own health care, and leave all the perks behind of working a corporate job.  Not to mention, the cost of daycare.  That’s literally a second mortgage, and I never wanted to put myself in a position to have to eliminate school.  So, I kept going, waiting for something blow up (not literally), and that would be my “sign”.

For many years, I had to be under the radar with my personal business.  Not because it was against policy, or illegal. However, some people don’t have the capacity to understand what they’ve never tried to do, and it can make for a very uncomfortable work environment.

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Somewhat unexpectedly, our business began to grow rapidly and I got tired of being the token black girl in the work place, and going home at night and working a second job, my business.  I’d initially set a plan for August 2018 and by the end of January I’d decided that I was leaving after receiving my bonus (around March). I think every day between January and March, I wanted to quit. I’d text my business partner to, literally, talk me out of walking out the door. In a later and more time-consuming post, I will explain why I hated working in Corporate America.

Mid March 2018, I separated from my employer.  Yes, I took a pay cut, BUT the peace, flexibility, and freedom I have experienced in these last 4 months, is something I can’t really explain.  There are some long nights, and some weeks when we don’t get paid.  It’s not all glitter!  However, like motherhood, the reward is far greater than the sacrifice.

Often times sacrifice is uncomfortable.  However, learn to find comfort in your discomfort.  Maintain comfort in knowing that sacrifice is often times temporary, and the reward will outweigh the disruption! Your sacrifice may not be quitting your 9-5 to pursue entrepreneurship, but whatever it is, if your willing to give up a little, you will gain a lot!



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