On the Other Side of my 9-5, was PEACE!

“The best math you can ever learn is how to calculate future cost of current decisions”

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I can remember attending networking events with my business partner, and asking every self-employed individual, “How did you know it was time to leave your day job?”.  No one really gave a straight answer; it would always be something generic, like “when you know, you know”, or “you can just feel it”.  Never any real instructions on the steps taken to become a solely self-employed AND successful entrepreneur.  I would listen to Ted Talks and wait for speakers to tell me the magical answer, and I’d leave thinking “YOU HAD ONE JOB”!!! Right? WRONG!

In hindsight, I fully understand…well, I think I understand why, now! Everyone’s journey is unique; income, family size, ambition, and the list goes on!  I believe it is great information to obtain, but you must also have the ability to look at your individual situation, and adjust accordingly! A year ago, you couldn’t have told me that I’d be solely self-employed!  I had no clue how it would happen, and really didn’t know when it would happen. I just knew that it would!
 …my instinct told me that there was a window of opportunity to grow the business, and if we didn’t move during this window, we may completely lose out on it…
We’d got our first website done in 2012, and fast forward 5 years later, it was relatively basic.  We wanted to stay under the radar and keep working our day jobs.  Business was steady, but BOY did I learn the power of a new and up-to-date website!  At the completion of our website, business calls skyrocketed.  I mean, my business partner and I would answer the phone in disbelief, asking every client, “How did you find us?”.
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Needless to say, we were working around the clock, and reaching new milestones in business; and VOILA, my instinct told me that there was a window of opportunity to grow the business, and if we didn’t move during this window, we may completely lose out on it!  Not to mention, I was like I wasn’t given either my best, because I was constantly bargaining time between my 9-5 and side job!  I began to hate my boss and the company I worked for (yes, I’ll still tell you why…), and I really started to feel like I wasn’t present as much as I wanted to be for my daughter. I started to pray for two things: direction – on how and when to move, and emotional patience – so that I didn’t leave prematurely.
In the beginning, there was a ton of fear, mainly surrounding my ability to maintain my “lifestyle”, and the shift in managing myself (which I’m still learning).  However, as time passed, God began to give me more peace, which lead to me choosing a date. I envisioned needing this ELABORATE savings, and going periods with no work! WRONG, again!
I feel like I left at the right time for me, and my circumstances! Besides, work being very consistent, I have been able to measure the “right time” based on the amount of peace I have! It’s something I can’t quite, put into words, and why I can, now, resonate with the generic answers my peers gave.  My advise to those looking to transition into full-time entrepreneurship, trust your gut and don’t rush into anything!  It took me seven years of doing both, and for me, God’s timing could not have been better!  That doesn’t mean that it will take 7 years for you.  However, be intentful in your decision-making; and make the best decisions, for you and your family!
Finally, this isn’t to say that you can’t have peace at your 9-5.  I believe it’s totally possible if you enjoy your job, and intend on climbing the corporate letter.  That’s just not my story!

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