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Hi New Friends!

I started Corporate Momming, June 19, 2018.  I was sitting in training, and my mind drifted off into space.  During this time, I came up with a name and immediately began to execute on the project.  Initially I wanted to wait to get a fancy/elaborate website, and  a ton of planning, but instead, I started with what I had.

I created a planning tool, that would assist moms in planning out their week, with considerations for home life, and personal life. I believe that moms should consider their mental health as important as their family’s, because you can’t pour into others, if your cup is empty.  I initially made this available for those that followed the blog.

Today, I am releasing an updated version, (shout out to my best friend/sister, Celeste, for her help!)and sharing to all readers, free of charge.  The planner can be downloaded, by using the following link:  Corporate Momming_ Weekly Planning Tool.

Thank you for joining the Corporate Momming community, and I hope that I have and can continue to add value to your journey!



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