The Detroit MomBoss: For the WIN

I am surrounded and CONSTANTLY influenced by the hustle, hearts, elegance, charisma and GANGSTA of all the Girl Bosses in Detroit! I mean, Detroit women have a presence about them, that is undeniable and of all the places I’ve been, I’ve never seen women hustle (in heels) like WE do! By no means, is this shade, to women from any other place, but Detroit women have “IT”, okay? It doesn’t matter where they live, or what they are doing.  Having Detroit, in their DNA, sets them apart.

My purpose in starting Corporate Momming was to inspire moms to go after the things they’re passionate about, and still KILL at motherhood, simultaneously.  Doing so requires a circle of people you can be inspired by, and who you SEE carrying out the same things that make you go “WOW, she’s killing it, WITH a baby on her hip!” – and by baby, I don’t literally mean an infant, I am more so highlighting the fact that they are moms!  Rather they are your friends,  friends in your head or people you follow on IG, I am 100% sure that you can find women from Detroit, that are doing the DAMN THANG!

So in true Corporate Momming fashion, I am going to share a few of my favorites with you all!  By no means is this list all-inclusive or in any given order.  I could literally write pages and pages of Detroit mom’s and women who are killing!  Instead, I will share a few and hopefully you’re inspired to bring out your inner Detroit girl, and get to it, yourself!  These are in no particular order, also!

Lauren Jackson

Ms. Meal Prep Detroit, Madelyn Daily Living, Madelyn Virgin Hair – you name it Lauren can do it, and do it well!  Lauren owns a meal prep and catering service, but I first met Lauren through purchasing extension from her.  I got to know her because I was literally obsessed with her first son, and stalked her profile waiting to see pictures of him.  While Lauren is UBER creative in her entrepreneurial endeavors, I am inspired by her dedication and patience with her two boys. Lauren has been a blessing to me in many ways: I’ve used her meal prep service during busy times.  However, most recently, I had reached out to her about potential schools for my daughter!  When I tell you she’d visited and done research on every school and was very willing to share the details with me, she WAS!  I was not blown away at her kindness, because she’s always sweet, but I was completely wowed at how she’s able to manage businessES and make time to research these schools.  With me being new to full-time entrepreneurship, I had not reached that level of organization, just yet!  However, Lauren truly inspires me to manage my time well, and to make the time spent with my daughter meaningful and purposeful!  She makes the cutest meals for her boys, and she’s turned her life with them, along with her passion, into a business that her entire household can participate in.

Sierra Taylor

Sierra and I went to college together, and while I’m not sure that we formally met there, we connected via social media!  Sierra is the mom of one of the dopest little girls, Emma! I was initially drawn to Sierra because of her free-spirited style of parenting.  I am very inspired by how she is raising her daughter to learn life on her own terms, with homeschooling, and still keeping Emma very grounded and down-to-earth! She wow’ed me when she allowed her daughter to try out traditional school for 30 days (I think) and allowed her to make a decision on if she wanted to stay, or go back to homeschool. I loved it and I think it’s so responsible and inclusive to consider the opinion of our children, even when it comes to school! Emma is, and is going to be a something special!

Sierra competed on Cake Wars, and makes some of the most beautiful cakes I’ve seen!  However, most recently, she “stumbled” into a business opportunity by just being her creative self!  She is the creator of Coco & Coal, a natural toothpaste that she happened to be sharing in her IG story, and everyone asked her to make some for them.  In a matter of days, she had to find packaging, and ship out hundreds of orders.  It was done, and done well!  I’d ordered a jar, and for starting a business in a week, the packaging was perfect, it was thoughtful, and executed as if she’d planned on this business all along. I really admire Sierra’s transparency in business and in motherhood! I have been able to learn from her on both ends of the spectrum, as I think she balances both extremely well!

Portia Powell

IMG_3869Portia is a BEAST! In motherhood, and in her career, she is doing it!  Portia is a Vice President at Chemical Bank, but wears many hats!  I am inspired by her ability to be a major player in her role, the city of Detroit and in her daughter’s life, while remaining to be one of the most kind and humble women I’ve come to know! In addition to her corporate involvement, she has other entrepreneurial endeavors, and is very present and involved in her daughter’s life. She is very giving of her resources and time, and I certainly don’t know how she does it all! I am inspired by Portia’s humble and meek personality, because she could really be cocky, given all that she does! However, her level head and temperament is comforting and admirable.

Mia Ray


Mia and I went to high school together, Cass Tech, in Detroit!  However I think we connected because we loved each other’s hair so much! We started to hang out and Mia, our friend Chrissy, and myself would have library and Panera dates several times throughout the week.  I was studying for the CPA Exam, and Mia was starting her brands.  Since then, Mia has built a brand on exercising her strengths to the fullest potential. What’s inspiring about Mia is her commitment to her personal brand, and honing in on the things that she’s good at, and staying far away from areas that she’s not!  There are so many lessons to be learned from Mia, but for me, my takeaway from her is finding comfort in tapping into every aspect of business that you are strong in!  Mia is also very transparent in sharing business tips and tools in hopes of helping others to be successful as well!  Her brands include: Same Girl Different Hair, Glamaholic Lifestyle, and so much more!

Me: Robyn Fuller, CPA

IMG_9410I speak a lot on my blog about this being my first year in pursuing full-time entrepreneurship. While I am new to this journey, on a full-time basis, I am growing and starting to develop my own personal brand.  During my time working in Corporate America, I was able to only tap into who I am as an accountant, and while that’s a huge part of who I am, I have several passions and talents, that I plan to tap into, as God see’s fit.  Currently, I am inspired by the growth of the company for which I am a Co-Owner, J&F Advisors, PLLC, and what I have been able to accomplish on Corporate Momming, in just five short months! I am also inspired through knowing that I have the potential and ability to inspire my friends, loved ones, and readers to go after the things they are passionate about, relentlessly!

As mentioned above, I could speak all day about the Native Detroit women/moms that inspire me!  I am more than proud to be a product of and advocate for this wonderful city!  As an accountant, I am blessed to have an opportunity to work with several businesses owned by women.   We have what it takes to make our dreams real, for ourselves and our children!


3 thoughts on “The Detroit MomBoss: For the WIN

  1. This list is the realest and most accurate one out there. Detroit women are born with hustle in the vein. This blog is a weekly dose of real ass reality. It’s also so real no chaser and valuable information. I only know 2 of the women on the list and I must say they are doing business, motherhood and life very well.

  2. I love everything about this post. You hit the nail on the head with Lauren and Mia. You amaze me as well and seeing these moves being made, inspired me to make my own.

  3. I’m so glad to have met and learned so much from so many detroit women especially you! Of course anyone can be this driven but it is something about a “D Girl” and I love it!! Great read sis!!

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