Disney is for ALL Ages!

Parker, Age 3 – July 2018

The travel bug is real, in my household. Sometimes more real than I’d like it to be, but that’s life when many of your closest friends live out-of-state!  My daughter has been traveling with me since the womb. During my pregnancy, I traveled up to 37 weeks, taking on places like Dubai, Costa Rica, Germany, and a ton of local travel! So, naturally she flies very well and is accustomed to the airport routine.

Last week, we conquered our 3rd American visit to Disney. We’ve done Disneyland – Anaheim, CA, when my daughter was 1. At 2, we did the four-day  Disney Dream Cruise to the Bahamas, and just yesterday we took on Disney World in Orlando, FL. The final two were less than 4 months apart. Each experience was completely different. The main difference was age, and her ability to enjoy it! Everything else was small nuances relating to activities available for toddlers.

Three and under is relatively young to visit a big park like Disney.  However, under the age of 2, children fly for free, and kids under 3 are free at Disney! So, what do you really have to lose? Now that we’ve done all three, I can make an educated decision about where she’ll go when she’s old enough to remember! Which one?

Parker, 2 – Disney Dream Cruise – April 2018

I hands down LOVED the Disney Cruise. The ease of having everything is close proximity was incentive enough!  However, couple that with 24 – Room Service, on ship Movie Theaters and shows, amazing dinner , and top of the line customer service! I surely will be returning to The Disney Cruise , very often!    Who’s coming?

Disneyland and Disney World – Magic Kingdom were exciting, but I feel that the only thing my daughter truly enjoyed was the parade.  We did the rides, bought pointless gadgets and ate with the characters, but for me, the cruise was a much better experience! Walking around the park, and waiting in line once fast passes ran out were, blah!  Then paying $60 per person to have characters walk pass and sign an autograph book was disappointing as well.

Feel free to asks specific questions in the comments, and I will be happy to share my personal experiences.

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