Don’t Spoil Christmas, Playing Santa!

In years past, I’d done quite a lot for Christmas, but this year is different! Staying in the house for months at a time will surely give you some perspective on what you truly need and what is truly important! My daughter, now 5 years old, was the first child and girl in my family,Continue reading “Don’t Spoil Christmas, Playing Santa!”

Disney is for ALL Ages!

The travel bug is real, in my household. Sometimes more real than I’d like it to be, but that’s life when many of your closest friends live out-of-state!  My daughter has been traveling with me since the womb. During my pregnancy, I traveled up to 37 weeks, taking on places like Dubai, Costa Rica, Germany,Continue reading “Disney is for ALL Ages!”

No Excuses: Go Get It!

If God calls you to do something, His grace is greater than the call! When it comes to jobs, I am probably one of the most fearless women there are. Simply put, when something no longer suited me or fit into the plans that I had for myself, I left! I’d venture to say I startedContinue reading “No Excuses: Go Get It!”

Mom Friends… How Many of Us Have Them?

Mothers LOVE to see other pregnant women.  Possibly because it’s nostalgic, or maybe we are more like “Thank God it’s them and not me!”  Either way, something about revealing your pregnancy makes other moms flock to you and offer up their resources and experiences. In fact, I get some of the best advice from mothersContinue reading “Mom Friends… How Many of Us Have Them?”

Manifesting the Experiences You Want: A Tribute to My Grandmother

Today is my daughter’s 3rd Birthday!  It is also the 5th anniversary of my Maternal Grandmother’s passing. As bizarre as it sounds, I prayed for it to happen this way!  I was given a mid-July due date, and I immediately began to pray for my daughter to come on July 3rd or 13th, my grandmother’sContinue reading “Manifesting the Experiences You Want: A Tribute to My Grandmother”