Mom Friends… How Many of Us Have Them?


Mothers LOVE to see other pregnant women.  Possibly because it’s nostalgic, or maybe we are more like “Thank God it’s them and not me!”  Either way, something about revealing your pregnancy makes other moms flock to you and offer up their resources and experiences. In fact, I get some of the best advice from mothers that I’ve connected with on social media!

Connecting with like-minded moms, that you mesh with, and can share with is not an easy feat, but it is essential in managing the ebbs and flow of motherhood.  It’s comparable to going to high school for the first time, and trying to make friends with people who look at you like the “newcomer”.  However, once you get in and find your grove, its super fun.

I find myself making the best mom friends when I do the following three things:

1. Get Social!


…not just on social media, but socialize with moms in the doctor’s office, at dance class, football practice, WHEREVER.  It doesn’t mean that every mom you talk to will be your bestie, but you have to at least talk to people to find moms that you connect with.

2. Don’t be the smartest mom in the room.


Surround yourself with other mom’s who you aspire to be, or who have  behaviors that you’d like to emulate with your child. Take in the advice you’d like to apply, and like the saying goes “If it don’t apply, let it fly”.

3. Be resourceful.


My daughter read at two years old.  Not because I’m this amazing mom who has it all together and had a ton of time to teach her to read. I DON’T! I found an amazing school from a very resourceful mom friend, who’s always willing to share!  When you find something that works, and works well, SHARE IT.  It takes a village!

At the end of the day, “Mommin’ ain’t easy”, but making mom friends truly takes a load off!  I challenge you to find a mom bestie or two!

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