No Excuses: Go Get It!


If God calls you to do something, His grace is greater than the call!

When it comes to jobs, I am probably one of the most fearless women there are. Simply put, when something no longer suited me or fit into the plans that I had for myself, I left! I’d venture to say I started to think this way after being fired, but I’ve pretty much always had this attitude.

As an accountant, it’s a really big deal get a job at a Big 4 Accounting Firm,  out of college.  It’s the gateway to being a successful in the industry, whether you stay and become partner or decide to leave after a few years served.  I worked for two of the four (each for a year), and after two years of working from 8:00 am – Midnight, I decided “ISSA NO!”  It was also my first experience with corporate politics and I hadn’t quite learned to “play the game”, yet.  That story will be for another post!

Just because something starts out as a blessing, as you grow, you have to make room for bigger blessings.

To my point, since 2010, I’ve worked for 6 companies. At any given time, I left jobs because  I hated the company culture, wanted more money, and/or needed a company that was more supportive of work/life balance. Additionally, I started a side hustle (with a partner) in 2011.  At that time, it really was non-intrusive  to my nine to five schedule but I knew that it was something I wanted to grow and pursue full-time.

Fast forward to today, I’ve had some epiphanies about my time in Corporate America, well working a nine to five:

  • Working a 9-5, is not working for someone.  It’s working for yourself: building the skill (technical and soft), discipline and structure necessary to graduate to the next step. My current role as an entrepreneur is heavily influenced by the work I’ve done in the corporate world. In fact, without those experiences, it would really hard to run my business.
  • Just because something starts out as a blessing, as you grow, you have to make room for bigger blessings.  I could remember leaving jobs and every time I started a new one, I’d feel so blessed and excited. Then as time passed, that feeling transitioned to “what’s next?”.  I was not being ungrateful, by any means.  It was more of me wanting more, and striving for better.
  • My work ethic when working for myself, is totally different that it is when I’m working for someone else.  I will do the work someone else is requiring of me, but there was no sense of urgency or feeling of satisfaction!  I was not actively creating ways to make working for someone else more enjoyable.  Now that I am working for myself, long days are bearable and I have a sense of peace knowing that I’m working to build something that belongs to me! It’s extremely gratifying!!
  • Money is important to me, but balance and peace hold even greater value in my life! So, I’ve learned to be selective based on other factors outside of money.  The money will come!
  • If God calls you to do something, His grace is bigger than the call! Now lets let this one marinate! God’s grace is sufficient!  He will equip you and everyone around you to carry out His will! Not your will, but His! How do I know? I am a living witness of this!  Be still, and pray for clarity and direction!

On the flip side, I do understand that entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and there are people who seek to climb the corporate ladder. That’s completely fine, and never feel like you have to venture away from that! It still stands that you have to be relentless in your pursuit.  Never complain about wanting a promotion, if you’re not already behaving like you have that position! It’s also a great idea to explore other ways to obtain the promotion, like going to a new department or a different company! You have options.


I struggle with understanding, why someone would continue to do work that they aren’t satisfied with!  Yes, MONEY, we all need it.  However, there are opportunities available that will allow you to do the things that you want, and if there is one, PERFECT! It means it’s time to create it!

After reading this, think really hard about your satisfaction in your current position.  Are you complaining about not having enough time for kids? Are you working in a field that is not consistent with your goals? An honest conversation with where you are and where you want to be, is the first step to taking control of your career and shaping it to fit your desires!

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  1. I love this post. So many people get stuck in a position or with a company and their attitudes are altered. I love your examples of ways to move about. Keep this energy!

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