Don’t Spoil Christmas, Playing Santa!

In years past, I’d done quite a lot for Christmas, but this year is different! Staying in the house for months at a time will surely give you some perspective on what you truly need and what is truly important!

My daughter, now 5 years old, was the first child and girl in my family, in TWELVE YEARS. Yes, twelve. Crazy, right? The girl has not been short-changed, in any regard, and year-over-year, she is flooded with gifts. So very early on, for my sanity, I decided that each year we’d donate gently used toys that didn’t get much attention. As she is growing older, she is beginning to understand what giving these toys away, means for parents and children who may not be able to afford them. She also knows, that shedding toys makes room for something new.

This year, I have been consumed with thinking of families that are less fortunate and not able to buy gifts, and more-so parents and families who go into a depression, because they are not able to “do Christmas”. We’ve been through so much in 2020 – the never-ending pandemic, social injustices, home-schooling (because that’s hard) and political hoopla have been more than enough.

One idea I’d like us to break away from is the idea that we have to spend a ton of money, to make Christmas special. I want to share some ideas, of how you can make the holiday special by putting more emphasis on thoughtfulness, rather than focusing on the capitalistic aspect of Christmas.

1. Gifting Immediately After Christmas.

This right here, is my jam! I spent a lot of years working in retail and one thing I can always guarantee is the sales on the day after Christmas, are much better than Black Friday sales. Retailers are looking to shed their Christmas and winter items, in time for the (retail) season change, in February! There are lots of savings to be had. Not only is this a great time to buy gifts, but it is also a great time to shop for necessities for the next cold season.

2. Secret Santa for Your Family & Friend Group

I don’t know too many people who aren’t fans of Secret Santa. I’ve used this with family and friends, alike. It’s a great way to save money, and it allows you to hone in, on what one person would enjoy, rather than getting generic gifts for several people. Some really good platforms allow you to organize your Secret Santa groups, right online.

3. Online Resale Options

If you need a little extra cash for the holiday, don’t be afraid to clean out that closet and get rid of things you have no intention on wearing again. There are so many resale platforms available. My personal favorite is Poshmark, because shipping is not my ministry!

4. Small Gifts. Big Impact!

So I’d like to think I’m the queen of gift-giving, self-proclaimed! I like to think about the recipient’s character, what they like, and what they’d be grateful to have. So here is a mini holiday gift-guide where I’ll share, a few of my inexpensive favorites:

Shameless Plug: Books!!!

Who would I be, if I don’t recommend this book, every time there is an opportunity! It’s really a great book, and the lessons to be had, will be a gift that keeps giving.

Personalized Journals

This is my favorite gift to give year-round. This journal is from Shinola, and they will monogram if for free!


I am not going to plug a planner, here, because there are so many planners to choose from. Christmas, is a great time to buy planners because it is just one week shy of the new year.

Travel Accessories

This Away Mini is the cutest travel case there is. It can hold toiletries, and personal items. It is also available in so many colors, that are versatile for men and women!

Hopefully, I’ve given you some items that you’ll love! Happy Holidays!

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