No One Sees the Work I’m Doing!

“…impact, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder”

Before you read this post, lets first get out of head that popularity means you’re not doing purposeful work.  That is the FURTHEST from the truth. There’s nothing wrong with being popular!

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Now that we got that out the way, let’s get to it! It’s been a minute!!! I’ve been away, deep in Tax Season Valley!  My busy season (kind of) ended last week, and I “celebrated” by having a spa day!  I stayed behind and enjoyed the amenities this time, and used the alone time to really reflect on the work I’d done, and will continue to do, going forward.  One thing I asked myself was, “What do I want my impact to be?”  I further thought on if I’m moving in a way that communicates that, AND do people SEE me doing this work?  I thought about how impact, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  What is impactful to me, may not be impactful to the next.  I also asked myself, would I continue to do the work, if I never got recognition, but was sure that I was making impact.

“Popularity is nice.”

That then led my thoughts onto popularity and how sometimes WE, inadvertently, seek popularity (the end result), as opposed valuing the impact we make.  Self-doubt creeps in and makes you wonder just how impactful you are, when you’re not recognized you for the work you do.  Those thoughts can completely cause you to stop the work you’ve done thus far, for the mere idea of not being seen, validated, or “liked”.   We must be careful on how we measure our impact, making sure that the value is relative to the work we plan to do.

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Popularity is nice. However, it is possible to make impact without ever being publicly recognized. Having peace with that, is a testament to being passionate and dedicated to the work you do!   Doing impactful work should be honorable, for self, FIRST.  However, it’s highly possible and likely, that when the work you do is impactful, people will be…wait for it…IMPACTED, rather that makes you popular or not!

As a business owner and/or employee, I found that relationships are built when you operate in excellence and kindness.  Those things are undeniable, even when they feel like they aren’t.  Those characteristics attract people of the same type, which in turn, turn out to be very fruitful relationships, and could catapult your success.  Those individuals can vouch for and connect very closely to your mission, spreading the depth of your impact!

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So, I encourage you to do work that you are proud of and that you find purpose in, looking to make an impact, rather than seeking validation. Nothing but good can come from that, even if it’s popularity!



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