If the Panty Fits, Wear it!

All underwear, are not created equal, and wearing the wrong underwear can turn your attire from business casual to inappropriate. Whether you’re  fat, skinny, tall or short, this conversation applies to you! This is a lesson that can and should be applied to your attire in and out of the workplace.  Your underwear, should never spill out excessive butt, hips, or stomach, and doing so, can ultimately take your outfit from class (or simply cute) to trash. Honey attracts bees, and we want to be sure to that we are sending the appropriate and intended message.

We are living in a time where over exposure is welcomed and appreciated.  If that’s what you enjoy, this conversation isn’t for you (if it don’t apply, let it fly). Instead I am talking to women who are looking to uphold an image of class, while maintaining a clean and professional look. Having the wrong undergarments can immediately diminish your look, and I’d imagine is not the most comfortable.


I’ve had hips, tight, and butt my entire life, well as far as I could remember, and finding the right undergarments (and clothes) to complement my shape, while maintaining a strong sense of style and class, has been a challenge.  I have a shape where just about everything will hug those parts of my body, rather intended to or not. So, I have to be very intentional about wearing proper undergarments to minimize (because let’s be real, there’s always one) attracting the wrong attention.

Appropriate Panties

This is not my image. However it a clear depiction of how wear the proper underwear can change the look of your clothes.

My introduction to appropriate undergarments started in my home, as I was raised in a super conservative church environment.  Growing up in church, we wore slips under our dresses, weren’t allowed to wear pants to church, and we definitely were not overexposing our shapes. Additionally, I’ve been hippy, my mom (and grandmother, who was also very hippy) made sure that I wore appropriate panties, or had on a shaper when needed.

One can not wear the same type of panties with every article of clothing. Panties should act as a barrier between your clothing and your skin.  Depending on the material and fit, if your thing is wearing panties, we should not be seeing your panties through your clothing, nor should any of that skin be spill over. That essentially means that your panties are too small.

There is a time and place for every type of panty, and when outside of the home, the goal should be to leave your panties to the imagination.  One should not see  panty lines, prints, or any hints of what your underwear look like. My biggest pet peeve is seeing women in a bridal party walking down the aisle, with panty lines, or panties that don’t compliment the dress.  It’s such a distraction!

Shape Wear

The first important point to note about shape wear, is that it is not just for plus sized women, and the purpose of shape wear is to provide a clean and finished look for your undergarments.  It also keeps everything in place, if that makes sense. “There’s a reason shape wear comes in a an extra small”, says my friend who’s on the smaller side. Shape wear can also accommodate many styles of dress, as it is available in so many forms.

This is an image I found on Pinterest, which perfectly portrays why women should wear shape wear, for a more clean look. It smooths out her midsection, and keeps her outfit from looking, like it doesn’t fit.

Wearing shareware does not diminish the quality of your outfit, or does it curtail the ability to be sexy.  As shown below:


If you need assistance with picking the right shape wear, lingerie departments are usually very well staffed with individuals who are educated on the subject.  I personally love the Spanx brand, and to shop for mine at Macy’s and Nordstrom.  They can also be found on amazon! Happy shopping!

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