Starting with WHY…

In November of 2014, I sat in my direct manager’s office at just five weeks pregnant, to break “the news”. I was experiencing fatigue beyond belief. So, I had to tell him that I was pregnant because I started to repeatedly show up late for work.   His response was “…but you’re not married”.  Flabbergasted and unsure of how to respond to him, I said, “Well, that doesn’t change that I’m having a baby. I am telling you because the fatigue is beyond my control and is the reason for recent and repeat tardiness.”  I excused myself, thereafter.

Rewind to just two weeks before that, when I learned of my pregnancy I had three concerns: (1) How will this affect my role as a Senior at a Fortune 500 Automaker, (2) Will my business partner, in my “side job”, think that I can no longer do the business, and (3) How disappointed is my mom going to be?  I was NEVER concerned about my ability or readiness to be a mom, but I was more concerned about how being a mom would affect the progression of my career.

“Being a mother has and will always take precedent over just about everything in my life.”

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