I almost considered going back to work!

I was ready to go back to work last week.

What the hell? I was ready to go back to work last week.  I called my business partner and told her.  I think I am about to start looking for a job, and I was serious!  Thank God she didn’t really entertain me too much, she just said “I understand”, lol!  My best friend told me, “You need time with your child, just ride the wave.”  The next day,  I was completely fine.  In fact, I’m overwhelmed with work and totally against going back to work now, LOL.

There is an abundance of freedom when it comes to entrepreneurship, but to whom much is given, MUCH MUCH more is required. I didn’t realize getting into this, the highs and lows associated with running your own business. It’s a cross between “I’m doing the damn thing”, and “I need to do more”. No two days are the same, and while I understand the work and the role I am in, I can’t quite predict how the next day will be.  Don’t get me wrong, the good days outweigh the bad, by a long shot; but, it’s just not as easy as on expects it to be!

So here it is! Entrepreneurship is great! You are responsible for your own time, behaviors, and earning potential! This is what we all think about when we think of entrepreneurship.  The reality is, I work much longer and harder, as an entrepreneur. Paying yourself is not as structured as being paid by someone else, AND you could potentially go periods without pay at all! Then there’s the reverse of feeling like you’re rolling in dough (am I aging myself, lol)!


Entrepreneurship can be very isolating, because much you’re often being pulled in many directions, and with very busy schedules, maintaining close relationships require a greater effort. Your family and friends assume, because you work for yourself, that you don’t work at all.  They schedule all types of plans for you, not considering that you have to afford life, and having to say you can’t make it is disappointing. Beyond, maintaining the relationships, having to vent and converse about entrepreneurship is hard when doing it with someone who can’t relate.  SO, is there therapy available for entrepreneurs?

Curious to know how other entrepreneurs deal, I called on my most reliable resource, Google, and found that I was not alone! There are support groups and forums in abundance, for entrepreneurs to talk with like-minded individuals!  LinkedIn has several support groups available, as well as Facebook.  Seeing this also reminded me to tap into resources I already have, such as mentors, religious leaders, and Jesus Christ, lol!  There are a host of resources available for a range of topics involving entrepreneurship.


Thank God, because I don’t think I want to go back to work! Whew!

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