Accountant turned Corporate Mom!

Parenting is one of the most important and rewarding jobs you can have! Raising a child is hard enough, on its own, but throw in wanting to be successful in your career as well! I grew up in a single-parent household! Not because my dad was not present, but he passed just before I startedContinue reading “Accountant turned Corporate Mom!”

The Beauty of Sacrifice

“Sacrifice is a part of life.  It’s supposed to be.  It’s not something to regret, it’s something to aspire to.” In a perfect world, we can get and do everything we want, sans making sacrifices! Unfortunately, the world is far from perfect and if you want to be successful at anything, something will be demandedContinue reading “The Beauty of Sacrifice”


How many times have you observed your child doing and/or saying something, and asked either aloud or to yourself, “Where did you get that from?” Perhaps, too many times to count.  I probably ask myself that three or more times a week. Ironically, a little voice in my head started to answer the question, saying,Continue reading ““YOU BETTER CHECK YO SELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YO SELF””

No Excuses: Go Get It!

If God calls you to do something, His grace is greater than the call! When it comes to jobs, I am probably one of the most fearless women there are. Simply put, when something no longer suited me or fit into the plans that I had for myself, I left! I’d venture to say I startedContinue reading “No Excuses: Go Get It!”